Standing For Something

A friend of ours emailed me a pretty interesting video this morning.  It certainly impressed me.  It is a video of a young woman from Blackfoot, Idaho, who is attending Harvard University.  There, she is the president of the LSA on campus, as well as a member of the Interfaith Council.  This video is a panel discussion on several different faiths conducted by Sally Quinn for the Washington Post's blog, "On Faith." I think what impresses me is how articulate she is, and how calmly she talks about some serious points that are often brought up about the church.  I wish that everyone who does not believe as I do would bring their questions to me or other members of my faith, rather than scouring the internet, and other sources, for out of context information, which can cast the church and its members in a poor light.  

You may have seen this video, as it has spread across the internet like wildfire, but if you haven't, I think it is worth your time.  Sometimes, I think we can become complacent.  We become comfortable in our day to day lives, but how much are we thinking about what we profess to believe, and how prepared are we for questions which may come our way?  I love that in this video, not only does this young woman have great answers and information for the audience, but you can see that the things she shares has personal meaning to her.  One of my favorite things she says is where she quotes a scripture in Corinthians about coming to spiritual knowledge by spiritual means.  That one point matters a great deal in this very secular world.  I am sure the folks at Harvard would be quite unsettled by that idea.  So, Bravo Rachel!  Very well done!

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose - 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.


The Wind is Changing

Well, I have not blogged anything for a very long time!!  It has been three months now since Adam returned, and I can hardly believe it.  It seems like yesterday.  Well, today I wanted to write about some recent changes in our lives.  ( I will try to do a few catch up blogs in the coming days.)  Several months ago, Adam and I became aware that we were going to be transfered, most likely, this summer.  We put in our preferences, the first three of which were not available.  At that point it started to look like we were heading to Augusta, Georgia.  I have to say, we both felt very peaceful about the move, even though we knew it would take us far away from many things and people that we love.  Through communication with the man who would be placing Adam in a hospital, it became more and more certain that Georgia it would be.  There was one more hiccup in the plan of where we would end up, but finally, the day Adam arrived back in the states we were told it was certain we would be moving to Augusta.  Well, we started to do our homework, we looked into school districts and neighborhoods, and finally, we booked a trip to go house hunting this coming April.  Well, as they say, the only thing constant is change, and the very next day, after we booked our flights, we received a phone call telling Adam that we were NOT going to Georgia, but back to Washington state.  This came as quite a shock, but it is a great opportunity for Adam, as he will be working in a training hospital, where he will supervise and teach residents full time.  So now, we find ourselves returning somewhere we never thought we would be.  We will be leaving for the Great Northwest in early June.  It is still a little shocking to me, but Adam and I both feel really good about it, and we feel as though the Lord is guiding our paths.  

Our house has been on the market now for nearly two weeks.  It is, perhaps, not the best time to sell, but we are moving forward anyway.  We hope someone will like our home and want to make it theirs.  I don't know if anyone will be interested in seeing our listing, but here it is.  Let me know what you think.  http://listingsmagic.com/flash/tour.php?property_ID=10118

It really hit me the other day that we are moving, and soon.  It definitely kind of stinks, to be leaving so many wonderful friends, but I don't want to think of that just yet.  We have a few more months of good times together!  

Well, I will sign off for now, but I will try to fill everyone in on all the things that have been happening in the past three months soon!


Thank You! Thank You!

I just wanted to put out a quick note to all of you, my wonderful friends!  Thank you so much for your love and support through these last fifteen months.  I could not have made it through with my sanity without you!  I have received so much love from all of you.  A note recently given made my day, and sweet treats and kind words, and helping hands in the house have all been so gracious and dear!  I have even been given an uber-fantastic back rub during a particularly stressful time.  So, if I have made it through this with any success or dignity, it has been largely due to you.  I love you all and thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart!


Sammy's TEN!!

Sam turned ten yesterday.  And in his words, "Can you believe I am turning ten? Isn't that crazy?"  I love that he is marveling at the fact that he is that old, rather than being all full of himself because of his amazing maturity. :)  


Anyway, let me tell you a little about Sam.  Sam is the second of five kids.  When I was pregnant with him, he didn't want to grow very well, so I was put on bed rest for the last two months of my pregnancy.  But he cooperated and grew and was born at the normal size of 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 18 or 19 inches long.  (He was still my smallest baby.)  I thought, after he was born that if all deliveries could be like his I could have several more.  But no such luck, his was definitely the easiest!  Though I still had several more.  Go figure...  Anyway, Sam was really just a happy baby and child.  He was like a little ray of sunshine in our house.  When Sam was about one year old, he stopped growing once again.  



He dropped off the charts, from about the 50th percentile, so immediately he was subject to all kinds of blood work and imaging tests.  But his test were all negative, and in time he began to grow again.  

Sam has always been a bright, inquisitive child.  He loves to learn, and please his teachers.  He could read before kindergarten, and has continued to excel.  Sam is very coordinated, and has done well whenever we have put him in a sport.  He especially likes soccer, and wants to try gymnastics now.  

Sam is a good brother, and worries whenever any of his siblings is out of sight for too long.  When he was about five years old he saved his brother Peter's life.  He saw a truck coming down the road with Peter in the middle of it, and pulled Peter off his tricycle and out of the way just in time...truly.  He has always been like that - watching out for his brothers and sisters.  Older and younger.  He loves having a little sister now too.  And she loves him! 


Sam makes friends easily, and is well liked by most people he knows.  He is quick to help and obey most of the time, and makes my day a little easier.  He can not wait to see his dad again, and celebrate with him!  Happy birthday Sam!  We love you!!


Then and Now

With Adam coming home soon, I started looking through some pictures from when he left till today.  I thought you may like to see the changes....
I will begin with the man himself.  Though for me he was perfect before and after, Adam has lost about 25 lbs.  Way to go babe!  Can you see the difference?


As for me.  My changes have been purely cosmetic.  I am only happy to report that I haven't really gained weight, which was pretty much the goal. ;)  But back to the changes...hair color and style, and the big one - braces!  Hopefully he will be okay with kissing a metal mouth!



Next, Jens.  Jens has grown a good inch or two, and filled out.  He just looks older.  Not to mention the occasional added dose of cool!



Sam is still Sam, but he has grown a pant size, and looks more grown up.



Peter has grown some teeth, some height and some strength.  Though he is still crazy Peter!



Tommy has probably changed the least, but he has definitely grown up a bit.  He has learned a few letters of the alphabet with their sounds.  He can sound out some words and writes his name.  He can also make his bed now.



Sarah has definitely changed the most dramaticly!  She has grown teeth and hair, learned to walk, run and dance.  She has gone from saying very few strong words to saying really anything she wants to say.



Wow!  A lot of changes, huh?  I am happy Adam can be home now and not miss out on any more changes for a while!  Nine more days!!!


A Love Story

Well...I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been somewhat preoccupied.  My sister-in-law has been here this week meeting (in person) the "man of her dreams."  And he likewise has met the girl of his.  Theirs is a very beautiful love story, and one I have been given permission to share, at least in part.  
Adam had met this guy, Ethan, who was in his unit, some time ago.  He was, in Adam's estimation, a really great guy!  Returned missionary, humble, true to his faith despite obstacles...just an all around impressive guy.  After getting to know Ethan, Adam felt pretty strongly that he should hook him up with his little sister, Molly.  Molly is just as stellar as Ethan.  A girl with tremendous love and faith.  Someone who has worked hard to get to where she is today in all areas of her life.  She is determined, beautiful, and faithful, and so deserving of great happiness.  Anyway, after quite some time of wanting to get these two together, they finally began writing to each other about three months ago.  They immediately felt a strong connection.  They started to skype regularly, and fell more and more in love each day...seeing each other, but never meeting each other.  Well, Ethan was in one of the first groups out of Iraq from his unit, and arrived here Wednesday morning at 3:55 am.  Leading up to his arrival, Molly was anxious and nervous and excited all at the same time, but when he finally got there, all of that just faded away.  I was lucky enough to go and take some pictures, and all I could see and feel from them was pure joy and happiness and love.  I think the excited part still hung around too! :)  Anyway, it was really so wonderful to see two people, who deserve so much to be happy, find one another!  

I do have to admit, their happy reunion was slightly bitter-sweet for me, as I watched seventy-eight service men and women greet their families, and my soldier was not their for me to greet. However, even though there was this part of me that felt sad, for the most part, I was just so overjoyed for Molly and Ethan.  Plus, right now, I am just telling myself, "eleven more days...eleven more days!"  I am so excited!!!  I just need him here...
When Adam got home for R & R, Tami was good enough to take some great pictures of us! 

 I really love those pictures!  They are priceless.  I hope someday Molly and Ethan will feel the same.  We sure love you guys and are so happy for you!