Sammy's TEN!!

Sam turned ten yesterday.  And in his words, "Can you believe I am turning ten? Isn't that crazy?"  I love that he is marveling at the fact that he is that old, rather than being all full of himself because of his amazing maturity. :)  


Anyway, let me tell you a little about Sam.  Sam is the second of five kids.  When I was pregnant with him, he didn't want to grow very well, so I was put on bed rest for the last two months of my pregnancy.  But he cooperated and grew and was born at the normal size of 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 18 or 19 inches long.  (He was still my smallest baby.)  I thought, after he was born that if all deliveries could be like his I could have several more.  But no such luck, his was definitely the easiest!  Though I still had several more.  Go figure...  Anyway, Sam was really just a happy baby and child.  He was like a little ray of sunshine in our house.  When Sam was about one year old, he stopped growing once again.  



He dropped off the charts, from about the 50th percentile, so immediately he was subject to all kinds of blood work and imaging tests.  But his test were all negative, and in time he began to grow again.  

Sam has always been a bright, inquisitive child.  He loves to learn, and please his teachers.  He could read before kindergarten, and has continued to excel.  Sam is very coordinated, and has done well whenever we have put him in a sport.  He especially likes soccer, and wants to try gymnastics now.  

Sam is a good brother, and worries whenever any of his siblings is out of sight for too long.  When he was about five years old he saved his brother Peter's life.  He saw a truck coming down the road with Peter in the middle of it, and pulled Peter off his tricycle and out of the way just in time...truly.  He has always been like that - watching out for his brothers and sisters.  Older and younger.  He loves having a little sister now too.  And she loves him! 


Sam makes friends easily, and is well liked by most people he knows.  He is quick to help and obey most of the time, and makes my day a little easier.  He can not wait to see his dad again, and celebrate with him!  Happy birthday Sam!  We love you!!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Happy Birthday Sam! From the Larsen cousins-

the lunch lady said...

Happy Birthday!!! 10 IS great!

Berly said...

I was just catching up with the latest blogs. I love the then and now photos. Jens looks so grown up to me. I will be thinking about you this week. YAY!!

Rachel Rackham Westhoff said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! And a VERY happy Thanksgiving to you all. You are in my thoughts daily.
Love to you all--Rachel et. al.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Have fun with the homecoming Liz! We are excited for you.