A New Language

So, Hooked on Phonics...  Well, it must have failed in our house, because my kids have developed a new way of speaking lately.  Either that, or they are just very gifted, because whenever there is a chore to be done or a reprimand to be given, they start speaking a new language.  Let me teach it to you.  The last word in every sentence  has a new vowel - short a.  And the portion preceding the short a is drawn out longer than usual.  For example, faaair-a, whyyy-a, Mommm-a, nooo-a.  The list goes on.  Finnne-a, roooom-a, meee-a, themmm-a, listennn-a.  Did I mention, faaair-a?  The only word they can't really add the "a" to effectively is "what."  So for good measure, that word is said with head tilted back and arms flailed dramatically to the sides and pronounced, "WHAAAAT?!"  I think this new language is called Whinish.  After I listen to it for a while, I feel like Nephi in Elder Holland's talk, when he said, "Hit me again, I can still hear you."  
I don't really understand this language, but I have discerned "faaair-a" quite well.  I usually reply with one of my favorite quotes, "Life IS pain, your Highness."  I wonder if this language phenomenon will someday intrude on their writing as well as their speaking?  But I tend to think it is a special act reserved only for me.  


Banana Republic Anyone?

Well, first of all, thank you for all the kind comments.  Saturday was a "rough day", no doubt about it.  But, today the sun is shining, and I feel inclined to get out there and get things done. Anyway, after my rough day, I decided to take some one on one time with Sam.  We went to CPK for dinner, then headed to the outlets to take back a couple things, and look for a couple finishing pieces for our trip to New York.  

So, Sam was great.  "That looks nice, Mom.  I think Dad will really like that one," or "that shirt goes nice with your hair!"  It was a good pick me up.  He has the stroking my ego thing pretty well down!  So, after spending some money, and a little buyers remorse, I came out feeling much better.  Who knew Banana Republic could have an almost medicinal effect?  I have decided, it may be time to curb my shopping appetite, but man I like to buy nice things at a great price!  I guess I just needed a little retail therapy!  It was great!  Thanks for a wonderful night, Sam!  Dinner and BR - who could ask for anything more?


Rough Day

So today, on a more serious note, I was very frustrated and it seemed that no matter what my children did, it didn't feel good enough.  I am putting myself out there on this one, and allowing the world to see what an imperfect mother I am.  Today, frankly, I felt like a horrible one.  I had no patience.  I yelled at them, I lectured, I am sure I did every wrong thing a mother can do short of beating her children, and truthfully, at times, that was tempting.  I have wonderful children, but sometimes, they don't have a wonderful mom.  Now don't get me wrong, they were no perfect angels today, but even the "spilt milk" moments seemed to set me off.  This was one of those days.... I guess you just take a deep breath, try to set yourself straight, and start again tomorrow.  It would probably just be wise to go to bed.  After I got pretty fed up today, my nine year old said, "Mom, I don't think you got enough sleep last night."  Maybe he was right.  Well, to all you mothers out there, my hat is off to you all!  This is not an easy job, and I see so many wonderful examples in so many women I know!  Thanks....  And here's to the children!

Thank You! Thank You!

Yes! I won - I mean, Jens won the science fair!!!  Wahoo!  He gets to go to regionals!  More competition.  More pressure.  More...  Actually, I am very happy for Jens.  He presented his project very well!  And it was a job well done.  Good for you, Jens!                                                                                                                  

*Thanks to Jen Carlson for the picture of Jens.  I had taken my camera battery out to charge it, and then very smartly took the camera and left the battery at home.


Science Fair a.k.a. Homework For Moms

Ok, so last night was our elementary school's science fair. Both Jens and Sam had to participate. You can just imagine my joy and ecstasy when I found out we had to do two science fair projects this year!  Wahoo!  I love homework.  When a third grade teacher requires a science fair project by her students, what she is really saying is, Mom, we don't think you are involved enough in your child's life, and we think we will help you spend "quality time" with him or her, by requiring you to spend multiple hours looking up information, explaining it to your son or daughter, facilitating their experiment, figuring out how to use Microsoft Graphing software, spending more time finding cool pictures to illustrate the lessons learned, and finally putting it all together in a highly artistic way that kids and adults alike will enjoy.  And by the way, make sure your child does all his/her own work. 



So, we dutifully did our projects, and they were successful.  I even think my boys  actually learned something.  But the whole concept of the science fair left me wondering.  I mean, really...last night there was a third grade boy who had a "cement" dam with his name on it, "Taylor dam," with a highly technical motor behind it which hooked to something that looked somewhat  like a cyclone experiment with tubes coming out.  The water was in continual motion, and the apparatus then hooked into another complicated motor which in turn powered a whole Christmas village!  Do you think he did that?  I don't think so....  The science fair has obviously become a way to live out your dreams of winning the thing back in your third grade year when your Mom was smart enough to let you do the whole thing on your own, and not follow the third grade teachers loving attempt at increasing family togetherness.
Anyway, I will update with pictures that include my boys soon, but in the meantime, here are their projects, and a couple that I found online that made me laugh.  This is the Science Fair at it's finest!






As a post script to my last post, I thought I would post a couple very funny pictures and quote my sister-in-law sent me.  Have a good laugh.  You all know what I mean!

"Should I get a dog or a kid?"

Yea, I am feeling better and better about my choice to have Eva spayed!  (By the way - these are not my kids, of course mine would NEVER do something so bad!  Right?)

Eva's Dilemma

So today I had my little dog, Eva, spayed.  She went in heat during January or February, I try to forget which - Yuck!  I have no desire to ever deal with that again, nor do I want the worry of her getting pregnant one day while she is unsupervised outside.  So, I promptly made her an appointment to be spade.  It is the right thing to do.  After all, Bob Barker has closed The Price is Right for 36 years by saying "Help control the pet population.  Have your pet spayed or neutered."
So, today I followed Bob's mantra, I helped control the pet population.  I was a good citizen!  Yeah!

Then remorse settled in.  I was reminded that in the Old Testament all creatures are commanded to "multiply and replenish the earth."  We are supposed to find joy in our posterity.  So, I got thinking, "did I just ruin forever the chances for my little beagle to find joy in this life?  And what about following all of God's commandments?  Does this apply to dogs? Am I responsible for Eva's eternal sorrow at never having pups?!"  Oh, the struggle of a conscience pricked.
Deep breath...ok, reality check; I have five children under the age of of eleven, a husband deployed, and a female dog recently in heat...I suddenly feel much better about my decision.  Though perhaps we should all take a moment of silence for Eva's lost motherhood.  Aaahh....