My Husband

I just wanted to take a moment to share my husband with you.  There is no special occasion.  Just thinking of him a lot lately.  As many of you know, he has been deployed for the past year, and we are not through.   We still have a little time left.  I am excited for his return, and it can't come fast enough!  

Adam and I met...well, I will tell you his version and mine, because I don't remember his.  He says that one day he spent the night with his best friend Layne, who happened to live in my neighborhood, (a fifteen mile canyon, not really a neighborhood) and the next morning he rode the bus to school with Layne.  He was in eighth grade and I in fifth.  He said that Layne said something to him about me and pointed me out.  Adam remembers thinking I was a cute little girl, but that I talked way too much.  I always think that probably not much has changed there.  Now as for me, I remember being in ninth grade, and coming over to his house to hang out with his brother, Ben, and some of our friends.  Adam was there with his girlfriend Candi, and for me at that time he was really just a guy in passing.  But I thought he seemed like a guy who knew what he wanted, and maybe, usually got it.  
A year later, when I was sixteen, we went on a few dates.  He was nineteen, and getting ready for a mission, so I of course was surprised he seemed to like me, as I was just a sophomore in high school.  But there was undeniable chemistry there.  When he asked if he could kiss me, I was surprised, but impressed by his gentlemanly behavior.  When he went on his mission, I liked him, but had no intention of waiting for him.  I was young, and didn't think that he was that interested in me for the long haul, to be honest.  That realization lead me not to write to him for several months.  But one day I decided it was stupid not to write at all, so I got out pen and paper.  It was not long after this, that he asked me to write him weekly.  I said I would, but was still not waiting for him.  However, we shared some wonderful letters, and I was more impressed with him all the time.

I dated a lot while he was gone, and even had a couple boyfriends, but I kept writing.  When he got home, in June of 95', I was just ending a relationship that was not very good for me, and Adam's brother, Ben, suggested that since we had written throughout Adam's mission, that maybe I should stop by the house one night after a play Ben and I were both in.  I was very hesitant, but went by late that night, nonetheless.  To make a long story short, I didn't meet up with Adam till about midnight.  I remember he had just taken a shower, and when he came out to the living room, I thought he seemed a little stunned to see me.  I went to shake his hand, and he pulled me into a hug.  I was really surprised.  Anyway, after that we walked around his neighborhood, where we ended up in Gazebo talking.  That night, he once again asked me if he could kiss me.  He was so sweet that night.  He made me feel so safe and so valued.  It was such a good feeling.

Well, the rest of our dating seemed a whirlwind.  I knew in my head that I should be scared at how fast things were moving, but I was never afraid to be with Adam.  Every time he held me then, and to this day it remains, I felt so completely safe and warm and loved.  We were married five months after that first kiss (post-mission).

Some of my favorite things about Adam are:
He is...
Energetic Driven

We have had a wonderful life together!  I love you, Honey!  We were meant to be, and you make my life better each day...Miss you!


Remember the Sparrow

Another thing that lead to my increased understanding this summer took place while I was still in Utah.  I received a phone call from a member of my bishopric back home releasing me from my calling as compassionate service leader in my ward.  They said they didn't normally do these things over the phone, but needed to make some changes, and I would not be home for a while.  They then asked me if I would be willing to be a Primary teacher and work with the children at church.  I accepted the call, but it was with a slightly heavy heart, as I realized that this would mean my Sundays would be spent entirely with children, that I would have no adult learning time at church.  So it was, while I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself, that I was chastened.  Immediately this face came to my mind...
Yes, Peter.  I would be teaching Peter's class.  What an opportunity for me.  I had been praying and pondering how I could give him the extra love he seemed to be needing, and then this happened.  In a moment of selfishness, I was unable to see that God had His hand in this.  When I was quiet and not whining internally, my eyes were opened, and I knew this was an answer to prayer.  I immediately thought of the scripture in Luke 12: 6-7, where it says:
"Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten of God?  
But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  
Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows."
It became clear to me, that though the world may say, "he's just a kid," to the Lord, Peter and all His children are of utmost importance.  He knows us all and will do everything He can to care for us.  
I guess this is the main point of my learning this summer.   I became more intimately aware that Heavenly Father does indeed have a grand Master Plan.  It is intricate and woven, but encompasses all we need individually.  This plan in no way took away our agency, but also provided for our mistakes and changes.  The plan to have a Savior was His plan!  He is merciful and loving, and while this in no way diminishes the great power of Jesus Christ and His atonement, it taught me that His Father was in charge.  That He is not only just, but so merciful. He wanted a way to remain just, but provide mercy for his dear children - all of us - so He sent His Son.
I have also realized that within that plan, we are his hands.  I know He has sent Adam and I to all the places we have been because those moves put us in contact with people we needed, and who perhaps needed us.  We have been changed by dear friends, and I hope, we have effected some changes for good in them as well.  There is a song that has really touched my heart this summer called "For Good" from Wicked.  It says in such a beautiful way some of my thoughts about the people God has put into our lives. 

If we, as His children, can love each other, and be willing to be, go, do what He asks of us, where he asks of us, our lives can attain a greatness - a fullness -  we never thought possible.  I am so grateful for this lesson...this knowledge.  I just thought I would share.  So thank you all for being the hands in our lives!  We have been changed for good by knowing you!

Part 3

After we got home from summer vacation, we had a visitor to our house.  Amalitta came to stay with us for two weeks.  She needed some time to just feel what she wanted to feel without judgement or pressure.  She was already decided on the idea of being baptized, but wanted to see the missionaries and have some time to think.  At the end of the two weeks, some laughing and crying, and some very spiritual experiences, she went home, ready to face friends and family with her decision.  I am so impressed by this girl and her strength.  Her family loves her very much, but don't necessarily support this.  In fact, some of them hate it, but she feels so strongly that this is what God wants her to do, that she is willing to face that, to have them feel differently toward her on some level.  That takes great courage to put the Lord first.  She is a true example to me.  I am so happy I was able to follow the promptings I received and do as we are taught, just "open my mouth."  She is not the only one who was blessed by this experience.  My children and husband and I are all blessed as well by what this experience has taught us.  Not to mention, the generations to follow who will call her blessed.  I hope some day her parents and family can come to see this as a good thing as well.  I believe they will.  Here are a couple pictures of her visit.



Summer of Growth 2

It was interesting, after I had gone to girl's camp, I came back to my parent's house with a renewed sense of appreciation for my kids.   Of course I still had my frustrations and struggles with them, like any parent does, but I was reminded what a huge thing it is for Heavenly Father to entrust to me his children.  I was once again amazed at what a miracle each one is.  I wanted to try to be kinder, to keep my voice down, and to talk to them with more respect.  (This is still, of course, a work in progress.  I doubt I will ever totally perfect it.)  I don't know, I just felt that this summer, God was trying to teach me some things, and among the most important is to love my children more fully.  I captured some pictures of my little ones one day, that totally encapsulate the miracle of childhood for me.

Summer of Growth

So, I know I already filled you all in on a lot of the events of the summer, but I wanted to add a couple of things, and talk about some things I have learned. I might break this down into a couple of posts.
Well, first, let me go back a couple of months. As most of you know, I took a trip to Seattle this summer. This was the beginning of a very important time in my life. I went to Seattle for what was supposed to be a simple trip to show support for a former student of mine. Instead, I was given an amazing and unexpected missionary experience. I don't want to go into great detail here, but I will say, that I took a give away Book of Mormon with me for myself, and ended up leaving it with my student and friend, Amalitta. She has, since that time, been reading on a daily basis, had the missionary discussions, and is planning to be baptized on the thirteenth of next month. It has been amazing to be a part of this process. To be in the room as the Spirit flooded her heart, as well as mine has been a privilege I will not forget.


After I left Seattle, my heart felt so full, and experiences with Amalitta were really only beginning.  The experience in Seattle helped me prepare for my talk and dance for Young Women's camp.  I thought that what had happened with Amalitta had given me insight and inspiration regarding what I should say to these young girls.  I hope that even one of them felt as touched as I did as I spoke to them in the midst of the beautiful mountains.  I felt impressed to share some of what had happened with Amalitta with the YW.  The topic was standing for truth and righteousness, and I was asked to incorporate my lifetime in the field of dance and the arts into my talk.  As I thought about this, I felt that nothing was more important than the fact that I was able to share my love of dance with my students, and in a more quiet way my love for God, as I showed my students that I knew who I was and who they were. 
 I have always strived to combine these things to help my students grow, and it was so nice that I could say that maybe I had been able to reach at least one girls heart, that I was able to, with God's help, be an instrument in his hands to bring the knowledge of the gospel to Amalitta.  The whole experience at girl's camp was very sweet to me.  The Spirit was strong, and I was impressed by this wonderful group of girls! 


My New Addiction

I just got a new toy!  I am pretty excited about it!  I just got an iPhone!  I think it all seems pretty silly of me, but I am just so excited!  It feels like Christmas each time I pull it out.  Truly guys, this is the coolest phone you've ever seen.  

I currently have a couple hundred songs on my iPod, about forty photos which I can zoom in and out of by pinching my fingers together on top of the photo and then dragging them out diagonally, all my contacts from my computer, unlimited internet access (almost anywhere - even on the road), push email - it comes instantly to my phone, and GPS (that came in handy the other day when I somehow got on the wrong road up in Denver).  Anyway, I have never had such a cool gadget of my own, and I was really surprised by how much I like it, and how happy it makes me - sigh...It's awesome!


Dance Class

Okay, so I am going to advertise here!  Free awesome, amazing, dance class for Super Saturday.  I am hearing through the grapevine, that some are intimidated by the idea of dancing.  Well, let me just put your minds at rest.  It is going to be a totally fun, move at your own pace class.  It is not ballet, so don't get too scared.  It will be like a "barefoot workout."  It will incorporate lots of different things to give you a great workout: jazz, modern, a little ballet, and some great core work.  And this will all be set to some rockin' 80's music as well as a mix of other great styles and eras.  So anyway, I hope to see all you fabulous ladies there!  Come dance, and laugh, and have a great time!  It won't be as fun without any of you!